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    I Loved the pictures. Thank you so much for sharing. What a little doll. So funny, that could have been my family, TV on in the background..... haha.

    I loved the fairy wings. I saw some last weekend and thought of my Ally and all the fun in the future.

    Gotta run, have to leave in half an hour for work. Things were much better this week and I actually felt good yesterday when I got home, good enough to do a few chores.


    Reply from indiana timid:

    So glad you enjoy the pix. I thought you as a gramma would like to see our baby girl growing up. Yeah tv going and no one even muted the thing. Glad the routine is settling in,. I know some days I do just he magic minimums and feel like that is a struggle. But the dog must be fed. The laundry must be done. The dinner must be cooked and the dishes done. So I have 4 D's not 3! It will get better. I promise. And some days we forget and fluff not dry! Or load the dw w/ soap and forget to push start.